This year our pupils have much to celebrate with 57% of grades at 9-7 and 99% at 9-4.  94% of pupils achieved grades 9-4 including Maths and English.

What makes Thames stand out is its impressive results across a broad range of subjects. A high percentage of 9-7 grades were achieved in many subjects including: French, Art & Music 100%, History 86%, Geography 80%, Spanish 78%, English Language 61%, Chemistry 60% and Maths 50%. The broad range of subjects enables pupils to become well-rounded individuals with a good understanding of the world and a strong grasp of skills increasingly demanded for employability – creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem solving.

Our leavers are taking up places at a number of schools including St Paul’s Boys School, Monkton Combe School, Shiplake College, Emanuel School, The Brit, Esher College, Graveney School, Ewell Castle School and London College of Performing Arts.